The beauty of a hosted PBX phone is that it is managed on the cloud, as opposed to the traditional phone system, which is managed on a physical computer box located on your premises.  With a hosted PBX, your provider manages your system, and provides software and feature upgrades automatically for you.  This is part of your monthly cost.

High Quality Service

Low Maintenance

Highly Scalable

High Reliability


The biggest selling points of hosted PBX are low-cost and availability of advanced features. Since PBX features are provided as a service, there is no equipment for the purchase, install or maintain. Paying for the exact amount for extensions needed is ideal to eliminate any over investing in lines not being used. The other advantage, should there be a company growth, is easier to analyze in your growth budget.


Today, it is no longer necessary for employees to sit in the same chair or go to the same office throughout the week. Some users may telecommute, others may work part-time or full-time from multiple locations and a few even work from home for just one or two days a week. Apart from this, the phone system has to straddle many kinds of devices ranging from computers, desk phones, mobile phones and tablets among others. Cloud PBX allows users to switch seamlessly between devices, locations, communication channels and media without interrupting their workflows.


As the PBX system lives in the cloud, organizations do not have to worry about repairs or downtime. Cloud PBX services are designed with redundancy in mind which means that the system will easily switch over to a second location in case of any problems with the first. In many cases, the organization may not even be aware that something has happened. The same system also ensures that the company is protected even if the office is damaged during a disaster, natural or otherwise.