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Itumeleng Madisha

Born in 1984 in Tembisa then moved to Zebediela as a child Grew up in the village of madisha a leolo in zebediela. The childhood was full of activity from herding the cattle to playing in the bushes of the village. He was never a social person, fascinated by a lot of things that didn’t fascinate his friends and buddies. I loved technology from birth. i have always asked myself a lot of questions about what happens inside a lot of devices that were used on a daily basis in those early years. i dismantled radios, some were successfully put back together, some died for ever. My teenage life was more or less empty as i was not fond of girls and i was terrified by them. i watched my older brother fixing watches, and other devices it always fascinated me. i learned everything by myself because i was very observant. me and my brother were very close. we travelled together almost on a daily basis him driving my fathers’s 1tonner Bakkie AKA “Tonner” and me always watching. i never wanted to depend on anyone nor be controlled by anyone. it was a very happy childhood i had. I believe it was what made me. i still love the things i loved back when i was a kid, Things like PAP and Milk. I love animals like cows and i like dogs even though i don’t have one. I deeply believe that the future of technology is in the web and i believe that the sooner people familiarise themselves with the web the better their future will be. I believe that people should use google more and they should learn the good things and the bad things about the web. i believe in throwing myself into tough situations and finding my way out but i also believe people should be responsible. Basically what i am saying is that people should get out of their comfort zones and challenge new this because soon their certifications won’t matter much, what will matter will be “what can they bring to the table” I want to plant the believe that people should learn on a daily basis in so much people. People should stop taking only the proven options but they should find more challenging ways, that will open new possibilities. I believe technology is the future and i believe we are just scratching the surface with the achievements so far. we can go far.


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